My Beloved: A Story of Separation
This is an A2 folded booklet featuring photographed memorabilia from the Second World War. ‘My Beloved’ is a peice based on the admirable distance between my grandparents Ernest and Sybil during the war.

This project is not only an expression of difficulty, unpredictability and continuity, it is a celebration of true love, and strength. The kind that thousands upon thousands of newly married couples encountered during the war, and endured to extraordinary lengths. This project allows us to reflect and remember our prior generations with enormous respect and whom we now understand and admire.

My grandad was sent to various countries and was even captured as a prisoner of war. They must have endured an unbearable level of worry and uncertainty. I felt that these circumstances should be expressed, and understood for it’s brutal truths. To do this I photographed artifacts that have been safely kept in my family for years. This way the objects are presented solely for what they are and for their haunting truths. Ernest begun many letters to Sybil with words such as ‘My beloved Sybil’, ‘My darling Sybil’ and ‘My dearly beloved Sybil’ during the war, this is how I chose the title for this piece.

There are two A2 newsprint folded books, folded and simply bound. Each book represents a side of separation, Ernest and Sybil. The books are cross- tied together with a simple bow, in a rich red embroidery thread to symbolize bloodshed and negativity [and of course the only form of communication, postage]. The books speak for themselves, their contents spacious and subtle. There is no need for elaboration, the colours, textures, typography and compositions speak for themselves, that this was a hard time.

My Beloved: Contents
A selection of precious WWII memorabilia cherished by my family, kept safe & adored by my grandparents through the hardest of separations. A truly admirable act of bravery & strength.