‘Go Penguins’ by Liverpool City Council, Wild in Art
This is a commissioned piece that I painted for the ‘Go Penguins’ project based in Liverpool. I was sponsored to paint the penguin by the graphic design company ‘Peppered Sprout’. My design raises eco awareness and is called ‘2% Electricity= Light’. This means that only 2% of the electricity used to power an ordinary incandescent light bulbs is converted it light, the rest is sadly wasted on heat.

I spent several days at the ‘Liverpool Innovation Park’ in order to complete my penguin. The penguin stands at five foot high, I painted him using water based spray paint and acrylic paints, varnishing him to finish. The penguin is situated on School Lane, Liverpool One. In this photograph my penguin is sitting in his prime location on School Lane, in the very centre of the new Liverpool One. My penguin was grouped in a pair, his partner being commissioned by ‘Cath Kidson’. I feel both designs look striking together as they are both repetitive patterns, and both have their tiny details.