You & I
A Silhouette Book. This is a hardbound, one spread book. These are in book format to stand upright on display, or to be concealed as a precious possession when is a closed book. The images depict a man and a woman, a couple, a married couple, or even a brother and sister. Both figures are surrounded be 'Laurel Leaves' which mean 'Peace & Protection'. Who these images are and who they are for is up to you; a perfect gift for the one you love, or for family. Designed, Illustrated & handmade by Elizabethsheart Illustration.

What Me & My Mother Made
A fold out book. Opening into a square, the inside shows four illustrated puddings that you may have made with your mum when you were little. This book depicts a large sticky chocolate cake, gingerbread men, brightly decorated cupcakes and a huge trifle. On the back is a recipe for perfect gingerbread men in handwritten type. This is a nostalgic book tugging at your memories of being a child. Designed, Illustrated & handmade by Elizabethsheart Illustration.

Meet The Band
Two sets of three cards per pack. Six animals all together, who play different instruments in the band.... they are a talented lot [especially Alun the Mackerel, he plays drums]. Designed to look like playing cards, each animal is depicted on each of the six cards. They are also colour coordinated with that playing card looking pattern on their backs. Stand them up to form their stage positions, or tear along the perforated lines to mix & match them [more animals coming soon!]. Designed, Illustrated & handmade by Elizabethsheart Illustration.

With thanks to the real band 'Hope Street Busking Band' for letting me use their names: Frank, Ste & Alun x

Tree of Life
Fold out mapbook. A fold sometimes used for paper tourist maps. Inside the fold is the 'Tree of Life' an illustrated tree that depicts every stage of your life from the bottom of the tree to the top. Every branch is a different foliage, purposely illustrated this way so that each one symbolizes a meaning; this is plant symbolism. For example the first branch [from the bottom i.e. the start of your life] is 'Acorn' : 'Life & Immortality', the second 'Juniper': 'Protection' for when you are a vulnerable child. This theme carries on throughout the tree with meanings like 'Separation & Heartache', 'Union & Strength' and 'Bashfulness' . The book has a card front and back cover and opens out show illustrated tree on the front, and the meanings are 'hanging' signs on the back. They are printed on a semi transparent paper. Designed, Illustrated & handmade by Elizabethsheart Illustration.

Tree of Life [on the back of this book]
'The Tree of Life consists of two sides of our story, the visually expressive and the typographic. Through plant symbolism this 'mapbook' marks the points of life that the majority of us reach or aim to reach. The delicate transparent paper forms the vision and quality of life we try to envision before we reach it, hoping for happiness. Plant symbolism helps to express this creating an unusual collective of leaves together formed in one tree; every one of our trees would look different for each individual person. Our ambitions and desires are different, the paths we choose are our own. I believe life is what you put into it and what can grow from a little inspiration can be a magnificent thing, to look back on and to form the foundations for another.'